Salem College Study Abroad

Salem College offers study abroad for students as part of its mission to educate the whole person and to prepare global citizens.  


WHAT is study abroad?

"Study abroad" is an experience where a student receives academic course credit for activities and assignments completed outside the United States. This term covers a wide range of experiences, such as completing an independent study from Israel during January Term, taking a full load of courses for a semester at a foreign university, or joining a Salem faculty-led summer course.


WHY study abroad?

Studying abroad helps students develop their confidence, responsibility, and problem solving. They gain a global mindset, become aware of other cultures, and take new perspectives. Depending on the program they choose, they may practice language skills or take courses not offered on campus. The international experience will help them stand out on the job market, and the overall experience is a unique one not accessible after graduation.

If you'd like to learn more, Salem's partner program, AIFS Study Abroad, has published information about the beneficial outcomes of study abroad from a survey of their alumni.


WHO can study abroad?

Students who are in good academic standing are eligible to study abroad. This includes have a minimum 2.0 GPA, with no active academic or conduct sanctions. First year students are eligible to join Salem faculty-led January Term travel courses; sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible for summer, semester, or academic year study abroad, or for independent January Term study abroad such as international internships or travel with a partner program. 


WHEN can I study abroad?

Study abroad is not a one size fits all experience – the best study abroad program, and the best time to go abroad, depends on the student. When you travel will depend on your goals, academic plan, desired destination country, and finances. Students have studied abroad for a semester as First-Year students on a faculty-led January Term or as Seniors preparing to graduate.

Generally, if you take a semester abroad as a sophomore you have great flexibility in which courses you take, and many study abroad courses will meet Salem Signature requirements; if you study abroad as a junior or senior, you may be more limited to programs that offer courses that will contribute toward your major, and to semesters when you do not need to take SIGN350 or your major’s senior seminar. Consult with your academic advisor about which semester may be right for you to study abroad.


WHERE can I go?

Salem will sponsor travel to any international destinations that do not have a U.S. State Department travel warning. Students should check the U.S. State Department’s Alerts and Warnings site when exploring potential international destinations to ensure that no travel warning is in place, including any countries through which the student might make travel connections or might visit on day trips.

Salem partners with AIFS Study Abroad, BCA Study Abroad, Harlaxton College, Hollins University, Meredith College, St. Clare's, and St. Peter's to provide students with a wide variety of pre-approved study abroad opportunities around the globe. Destination countries include Australia, South Africa, Russia, Thailand, India, England, Italy, Germany, China, Ecuador, Argentina, and more.