Making It Happen

Arranging A Study Abroad Experience

The general process for arranging a study abroad experience (except for Salem faculty-led travel courses) is:

  1. Think about what your study abroad goals are, when and where you plan to study abroad, and what you hope your study abroad experience will be like.
  2. Read Salem College's Student Travel Handbook.
  3. Meet with the Coordinator of Study Abroad. Bring a completed Advisor Access form to get the best advice about your eligibility to study abroad and selecting a program and courses that fit in your academic plan.
  4. Explore different study abroad programs, and investigate how you will afford your study abroad experience.
  5. If you wish to travel with a provider other than Salem's partner programs, request approval of the provider and specific program (country/university) from the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.
  6. Contact Financial Aid to determine what financial aid will transfer to your chosen program.
  7. Apply to your study abroad program, and request information about potential courses offered during your semester abroad.
  8. Submit descriptions of the courses you might take to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, who will work with department chairs to determine how those courses will transfer back to Salem.
  9. When you are accepted to your approved study abroad program, contact the Coordinator of Study Abroad to confirm the term you will be abroad and the program you will be joining, and complete the a Salem Study Abroad Application.
  10. Keep track of the pre-departure preparations required by your study abroad provider and by Salem College, such as the mandatory Salem pre-departure orientation.
  11. Maintain eligibility to travel abroad through the end of the Spring semester, with at least a 2.0 GPA and a clean Honor and Judicial Council record.

Semester Abroad Logistical Details

If you'll be abroad for a semester, here are some important details to keep in mind:

You will be registered for a 12 semester hour course “Abroad” for the semester, until your official transcript is received by the Registrar. This may not happen until the middle of the following semester, depending on your program. All study abroad courses are treated as transfer credit; you must earn at least a C to receive credit for the course, but the actual grade will not transfer to Salem College or become part of your GPA.

If you discover that you will need to take a course different than the ones that were pre-approved by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, email the Coordinator of Study Abroad with the syllabus and/or course description as soon as you begin the course so that it can be approved.

You will need to register for the coming semester while you are abroad. You should have a plan for communicating with your academic advisor and the registrar regarding the courses you wish to take, and should make note of the likely registration dates so that you register with your class at assigned times.

As soon as you book a return flight to the United States, communicate that flight information the Coordinator of Study Abroad, so Salem College will be aware when you have returned to the United States.

Fall Semester. You will not need to pay the usual enrollment deposit billed in the Spring before your travel. Instead, you will be billed an enrollment deposit in the Fall while you are away. The Business Office will be informed of your plans to travel abroad, and the charge will be removed from your account, after you complete your Pre-Departure Orientation. You also will not select a room during the usual selection lottery in the Spring before you travel; you should communicate with the Assistant Dean of Students to discuss options for your housing upon your return to Salem.

Spring Semester. Room selection for the following Fall will take place while you are abroad. You can designate a proxy to select a room for you in the lottery (usually your roommate for the coming semester). Send an email to the Assistant Dean of Students saying who your proxy will be.