Apply to Study Abroad

Each type of study abroad opportunity does require a study abroad application, which allows the college to confirm that students are eligible to travel abroad, that they complete any requirements such as the pre-departure orientation, and that we are ready for the transcript with credits you will be transferring back to Salem. When you complete your application, you will be asked to acknowledge that you have the the Salem College Student Travel Handbook and understand what the eligibility requirements are to study abroad.

*Note: All of these applications will require that you log in to Google with your Salem account. If you have multiple Google accounts, you may need to log out of them all, restart your browser, and then log in with your Salem account. Google is sometimes "sticky" about which account you logged in first.

Semester Abroad

All semester programs must be pre-approved by the Coordinator of Study Abroad and Dean Vinson. Because students' plans sometimes change, we ask that students complete our formal application after they have applied to and been accepted by their study abroad program, in the semester before they will be studying abroad. The information provided is how we will track where you are an ensure that all relevant offices know you will be off-campus in the coming semester.

Studying abroad in Fall 2018? Complete the Semester Study Abroad Application by March 30th.

Study abroad in Spring 2019? Keep tuned for an application, which will be due by October 15th.

Summer Abroad

Summer study abroad experiences include traveling internationally as part of an internship or independent study for which you are receiving Salem credit, and studying abroad during the summer with an external program such as AIFS or BCA. Whatever your study abroad variety, complete the Summer Study Abroad Application by March 30th.