Study Abroad Partner Organizations

Salem College partners with several study abroad organizations and other universities - including fellow women's colleges - to provide a wide range of program opportunities around the globe. The partner organizations are pre-approved, so you know that your government financial aid will transfer to the study abroad program and that your academic credits will transfer back to Salem. 

AIFS Study Abroad. AIFS Study Abroad offers semester and year-long study abroad programs in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Latin Americas. AIFS programs hold students to high academic standards and help students prepare for a global marketplace, with many programs that include service learning, internship, and volunteer opportunities. 

BCA Study Abroad. BCA Study Abroad offers semester and year-long study abroad programs in countries throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Rooted in the values of peace and justice, BCA programs emphasize intercultural understanding and community engagement. 

CIS Study Abroad. CIS Study abroad offers semester and year-long study abroad programs, including January terms, in countries throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

Harlaxton College (Grantham, England). Salem students have the opportunity to spend a semester at Harlaxton College, a 100-room manor house in the English Midlands that serves as a self-contained university campus owned and operated by the University of Evansville. The curriculum includes a British studies course, enriched with regular field trips to historic English sites, and an array of liberal arts classes. A four-day school week facilitates additional travel beyond Britain. On campus, you will live among other American students with the services of a dean and other professionals, but not be isolated from the English; the staff, customs, and food are all British. Students must be sophomores or above, have a strong academic record, and must be approved by the dean of undergraduate studies. 

Hollins University (Paris, France & London, England). Salem students can participate in the study abroad programs of fellow women’s college Hollins University. The London program offers field-trip based classes with opportunities for internships and a distinctive London Theatre Semester. The Paris program has options for students who have beginning French skills or who are looking for full language immersion; students stay with local host families to fully experience French culture. 

Meredith College (Sansepolcro, Italy). Salem students can travel off the beaten path to a medieval town in the heart of Tuscany, where fellow women’s college Meredith College offers classes in a historic palazzo. Fall semester courses emphasize Italian language, culture, arts and the humanities; Spring semester courses rotate through different liberal arts disciplines. Special features of this program include a "Learn to Travel, Travel to Learn" course to help students develop their independent traveling skills.Other Programs. You may request approval to travel with other study abroad provides, such as Semester at Sea or The Education Abroad Network. Any program or university must be in a country (and area of a country) that does not have a U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Level 3 (Reconsider Travel) or Level 4 (Do Not Travel), and provide an English language accredited transcript. In addition, the program will be vetted for the services that students are provided while they are traveling, and must receive prior approval from the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. Be prepared that studying abroad with a non-partner will require some more work from you, to receive official approval for the program and to manage the logistics of arranging the study abroad.